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Google’s Bard Chatbot Updates: Real-Time Responses with an Option to Interrupt!

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Google’s Bard AI chatbot has been revamped to provide real-time responses to user queries. Before this update, Bard would only send back answers once they were fully generated. Now, as the answer is being formulated, users can see it in real-time. For those who prefer the old way, there’s an option to toggle between “Respond in real time” and “Respond when complete”. This change brings Bard on par with Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which also boasts real-time response capabilities.

An interesting feature of this update is the ability to interrupt Bard in the middle of its response. If users aren’t satisfied with the way the chatbot is answering, they can hit a “Skip response” button, stopping Bard in its tracks and allowing for a new question or a regeneration of the response without having to wait for the entire answer to be formulated. After waiting for a full answer, users can explore alternative responses by pressing “view other drafts”. Additionally, Google provides options to adjust the tone of Bard’s responses between “casual” and “professional”. For fact-checking, answers can be cross-referenced with Google Search via the Google logo on the interface.

Furthermore, Google rolled out several other features. One notable enhancement lets users view uploaded images in shared chats. For those using Bard with Gmail, the chatbot can now condense more emails simultaneously. Google also claims an improvement in Bard’s capability to discern when users are seeking the most recent emails.

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